Top Android Apps For Education

Almost any gadget you take in your hands has an Android based platform: smartphones, tablets, idea pads, etc. These gadgets can be filled up with plenty of useful and educational apps. Both teachers and students can enjoy the benefits of variety and ease of use in education with these applications.  Whether you are an essay writer, a high school student or a teacher you could try any of the following great educational applications:

Top Android Apps For Education

Math Educational Apps

PhotoMath- a smart camera based math solver. The app allows you to photograph a math problem, and then the app will show you the answer within seconds. Whenever you are stuck with a problem in Math, PhotoMath can help. It is available for free and it can be installed in minutes.

Math Workout– this is a very fun and educational Math application. It allows you to test your knowledge and skills in Math with fundamental problems added every day. Highly enhances mental arithmetic skills.

Math Expert- the application is a huge database of Mathematics and Physics formulas. The app is capable of calculating even the most complex formulas in both subjects. First, you need to insert the solution you think is right, and the app will make all the necessary corrections, giving you the right solution.

Literature & Writing Educational Apps

When you have difficulties crafting that essay or assignment in American Literature, you will find very useful any of these apps:– A writing solutions company offering a diverse range of educational reviews on essay writing services, article writing, home assignment writing, editing & proofreading and many others.

Literary Terms– the app has been developed for literary students who need quick explanations for every literary term. The app displays within seconds the explanation for what is an Allergy, Alliteration, a Pathetic Fallacy or a Ballad.

English Literature Games– a funny yet highly educational literary application. The app contains hundreds of interactive quizzes and games from English Literature (plays, novels, poems, writers, playwrights, critics and more).

Sciences Educational Apps

Sciences can be difficult to understand. However, with the help from these applications, you will now understand better and quicker a wide variety of scientific phenomena:

Amazing Science Facts– an application developed to give information on plenty of important scientific facts and figures. Find out who discovered the dynamite, which is the chemical element that never solidifies or which animal creates the loudest sound of the entire human nature.

Science Explorer– gather more important knowledge on science topics and different experiments. Science Explorer dwells on three major categories: Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

Science Quiz– test your knowledge in different scientific topics. You will find here plenty of quizzes from geology, chemistry, physics, biology and even astronomy.

All these applications are created with a lot of knowledge, skills and years of experience behind. The apps can serve as the perfect educational material both in class and at home. Students, teachers but also parents can engage in discovering new educational frontiers with such highly educational tools available for free.

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