Why Essential Oils Are The Best Things Ever!

Why Essential Oils Are The Best Things Ever!

Do not we just love to spend dollars on beauty enhancing products, cosmetics, relaxing spa sessions, expensive salon appointments, and all things health and beauty! Did you know that some of these products could do more harm than good? We use cosmetics and fragrance products to enhance our looks and calm our minds, but, some of these are a blend of chemicals and some more chemicals. They might not only do our skin irreversible harm, but can also trigger headaches and related issues.

Why not spend money on something au naturel ? Essential oils are natural and chemical free alternatives to toxic products available in the market. These oils are perfect for rejuvenation and enhancing the body, mind and soul.

Essential oils are not very hard to procure either. Step into the market, or get online, and you will be flooded with stores selling essential oils in wholesale and retail both.

Why Essential Oils Are The Best Things Ever!

But, before typing and clicking your way into an essential oil seller’s website, you should know the different varieties of essential oils and the benefits they offer. To make your work easier, I have compiled a list of the ten most  popular essential oils and their amazing healing benefits:

Lemon Essential Oil

I know it sounds silly when I say that an oil can actually reduce the levels of oil production in your skin and hair! As silly as it may sound, it is true nevertheless. All you need to do is take a drop in your palm and rub it over your skin or scalp. Don’t be surprised when you see the results!

Peppermint Essential Oil

Is indigestion ruining your day and night? Have you been feeling too stressed lately? Hunger pangs making you restless all the time? Simply inhale some Peppermint essential oil to calm your nerves and stomach. You could also add a drop of it in your morning tea to keep those hunger pangs away.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Are you tired of trying out shampoos to get rid of those annoying white flakes in your hair? Well, you don’t have to anymore! Simply massage a small amount of Rosemary essential oil on your scalp. You should do this at least thrice a week, at least 30 minutes before taking a head bath to see visible results.

Lavender Essential Oil

No more do you have to spend money on chemicals to reduce your scars and moisturize your skin. Lavender essential oil is perfect of reducing scars and moisturizing dry skin. Say your goodbyes to those blemishes and stubborn stretch marks.

Rose Otto Essential Oil

Honestly, nobody is a fan of ‘that’ time of the month! Menstrual cramps and PMS turning your sunny days gray? Simply mix few drops of this essential oil with olive oil/coconut oil and ease the pain.

Chamomile Essential Oil

Having sleepless nights lately? No more worries! Simply add a few drops of this to your bath and sleep like a baby!

Cedar Wood Essential Oil

If you suffer from Arthritis, then this is your new best friend. This oil has a soothing effect on sore muscles. It is good for healing musculoskeletal pains. You could add a few drops of it to your bath to get rid of UTIs and kidney issues.

Geranium Essential Oil

Has cellulite been giving you nightmares? You could mix some Geranium essential oil with a carrier oil and apply it over the affected areas. You will get visible results within weeks.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

You could add a few drops of this amazing oil to your moisturizer and see your acne and skin problems fade away. Mixing them with other carrier oils can also cure dandruff.

Jasmine Essential Oil

This oil has benefits for those who feel depressed, restless or stressed at times. It can also do wonders for your libido.

Aren’t they simply the best things ever! Now you know the natural alternative to your problems. A word of advice- essential oils are concentrated in composition; the best thing to do is mix them with carrier oils to avoid ill-effects.

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